Overall Goal

The aim of the specialization course in Marist Educational Charisma and Principles is to provide to the students the necessary the necessary knowledge and competencies to apply in a wide range of teaching and research fields. With professional quality, it aims to develop students´ capacity to creatively adapt to continuous change.

Specific Goals

To qualify educators in the charisma and spirituality of Marcellin Champagnat as a medium of the educational mission assumed by the Marist Institute.

To promote knowledge of the Marist educational system through in-depth studies of Marist ideals, educational principles and way of living and teaching, seeking adaptation to the challenges and demands that the 21st century proposes and requires.

To obtain, from Marist educators, the commitment of experiencing their Christian vocation and promoting the constitution of genuine educational communities.

To develop higher education activities with a focus on the principles of integral learning, so necessary in current times, in the context of the Marist educational proposal.

To share the experiences of Marist educators from all over the world, and intensify the sense of belonging to an international institution.