Academic Information

The specialization course has a duration of 420 hours, of which:

– 390 hours are mandatory disciplines in the distance-learning format (28 credits);

– 30 hours are optional conducted in classrooms at the L ‘hermitage (2 credits);

The course is conducted in four official languages of the Marist Institute (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese). For each subject, according to the selected language, students will be provided with an e-book, a set of video classes and a course guidebook that contains the subject study plan and guidelines for activities.

The course also includes complementary material such as texts, books, exercises, activities and interviews.

Educational support in the e-environment, query clarification and activity supervision are provided by qualified, professional tutors with academic backgrounds in the content field.

At the end of course credits, students must prepare a scientific article as final course work, on one of the topics presented during the course.

The course includes a mandatory classroom meeting to present the final course work and receive the final assessment.

Realization, with a passing grade, of the 28 mandatory credits, final course work presentation and final assessment confer students the Certificate of Specialist in Marist Educational Charisma and Principles.

Students who do not finish any one of these stages will receive the University Extension Certificate that validates as a training course.